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From global giants like Google, Apple, and Meta to forging their paths with successful startups and launching impactful businesses, my clients have achieved remarkable milestones in their careers.

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Hello, I'm Mike, a seasoned Digital Product & UX/UI Designer with 18+ years of experience. As a mentor and career coach, I've assisted 500+ designers worldwide in landing their first roles or advancing their careers.

Navigating the post-education phase can feel like a black hole for many designers. Online resources lack the personalised guidance, accountability, and 1:1 conversations crucial for securing that first role.

For junior designers aiming to level up or launch their own ventures, challenges like limited experience, skill gaps, and imposter syndrome are common. That's why I've crafted a highly personalized 1-on-1  Career Booster Package to provide tailored guidance and support for overcoming these challenges and securing your desired role.

If you're seeking assistance in your job search or transitioning to a new role this is tailored for YOU!

Real people, real results

Callan Berry

UX Designer at Google
Seattle, USA

"Mike was my mentor and an incredible force to learn from as I started dipping my toes into the world of UX & Design. He was a fantastic coach, providing actionable feedback and help whenever I needed it, and always challenging me to improve my work. His keen eye for function and design improved my own eye. Under Mike mentorship, I grew my product management and design skills exponentially. Anyone would be lucky to work with Mike, and I'd love the chance to work with him again in the future!"

Yordani Awono

Product Designer at Thesis
New York, USA

“Mike was crucial to my success as a product designer. When we first met, Mike instantly honed in on my strengths and encouraged me to pursue my interests while circling back to great product design. He also set a high bar for me which not only helped me churn out quality work but get a sense of what real world expectations might look like working under a senior designer. His extensive experience as a designer provided an invaluable frame of reference and seemingly infinite archive of advice that supported me when I faced blockers. Mike is also constantly improving his skills as a designer as well, truly exemplifying what it means to always have a beginner mindset. If you are a design student seeking mentorship or just looking for a stellar and experienced designer to create great experiences for your users, you HAVE to connect with Mike Dekker!”

Lauren Oh

UX Designer at Apple
California, USA

“Mike was my UX mentor and helped me learn so much with his extensive knowledge. He navigated the design process with me while giving constructive feedback. His incredible eye for amazing design elevated my designs to a whole new level. He was very informative with my questions. It was so great to work with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone as a mentor or designer!”

Ready to reach your career goals?

Tailored job hunt guidance from a seasoned professional

Enjoy a supportive and enjoyable job hunt experience guided by an industry veteran with 18 years of expertise.

As an active UX/UI and Product Design consultant, I bring global insights, ensuring your journey is enriched with diverse perspectives and industry relevance.

Portfolio excellence

Whether you're refining an existing portfolio or creating your first one, I'll help you craft job-scoring case studies and optimise your portfolio site. Plus, I'll help to refine your personal branding, ensuring you stand out in your field.

Drawing from my experience reviewing over 500 portfolios, discover the key elements that work and ensure you will gain a competitive edge.

Complimentary portfolio and case study blueprints plus job hunt cheat sheet

Elevate your career with annotated portfolio and case study blueprints in Figma. Crafted from insights gained helping 500+ clients land jobs, these tools are your key to your next career opportunity.

Bonus: Navigate the job market like a pro with my exclusive job hunt cheat sheet!

Tailored, result driven 1-on-1 career coaching sessions

Session 1: Career Assessment and Goal Setting (1 hour)

Session 2: Portfolio, Case Study, and Personal branding development (1 hour)

Session 3: Job Search Strategy and Resume Review (1 hour)

Session 4: Interview Preparation and Salary Negotiation (1 hour)

Job search mastery

Master your job search with personalized guidance, crafting standout resumes and cover letters. Gain strategies to set yourself apart, navigate salary negotiations, and tackle design challenges with confidence.

Understand the nuances of recruiters, big tech versus startups, agencies, or entrepreneurship. Elevate your job hunt game and stand out in today's competitive market."

Build confidence and leverage of your unique background

Unlock the potential of your unique background. Together, we'll leverage your previous life and career experiences, uncovering your superpowers.

Discover how to stand out from other candidates by bringing a distinctive blend of skills to the table.

Build confidence and showcase the extraordinary value you bring to the professional landscape.

This booster package is
for you if:

  • You're a Design School or Bootcamp Product or UX/UI Design Graduate that needs help with your job hunt
  • You're a Junior Product or UX/UI Designer and need help transitioning to a new role

How it works

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    - A link to book in your 1 : 1 sessions.

    - Slack channel login details

    - A link to your complimentary portfolio and case study blueprints plus job hunt cheat sheet
  • Once you are all setup we can start our first session!

1-on-1 UX/UI & Product Design Career Booster Package

What you will get:

  • Four personalized 1-hour, 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me
  • Exclusive access to a dedicated Slack channel for ongoing discussions between sessions
  • Annotated Portfolio & Case Study Blueprint for comprehensive guidance
  • Job Hunt Cheat Sheet providing effective strategies and resources

$450 USD

AUD$ 650 inc GST

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