Result driven.

As a proudly independent Digital Product Design & Innovation Consultant, my focus is on businesses that aim to align user needs with business requirements while making a positive social and environmental impact.

My approach is no-nonsense, roll-up-your-sleeves, and get-things-done, infused with straightforward Dutch directness to avoid wasting time beating around the bush.

This approach is complemented by 18+ years of experience and a skill set that includes strategic vision, empathy, creativity, adaptability, facilitation, and design expertise. I provide a fresh and unbiased perspective to help define, design, validate, and transform digital products and services.

Clients value working with me to get a clear product vision, receive product discovery guidance and ideation, establish consensus among stakeholders, mitigate risks, gain a competitive advantage, and identify crucial product flaws.

Beyond work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two young kids, traveling the world, sea kayaking, off-grid motorcycle adventures, hiking, exploring museums, and diving into art projects. I'm also a avid collector of 80s and 90s toys.

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