My name is Mike Dekker. I'm a seasoned User Experience Designer & Consultant that helps businesses, organisations and agencies to design & improve digital products and experiences that don't only look great but meet business requirements and most importantly meet and exceed user needs.

I also love inspiring teams and students with empowering & inspirational talks and trainings.

I have a No nonsense get shit ๐Ÿ’ฉ done attitude. Excellent problem solving capabilities. 15+ years of International experience and will get the job done on time, beautifully and on point. Having worked hands on designing anything from Wearables to AR Experiences. I have led design teams, hired, have been hired, taught, mentored contracted and became the founder of my own products.

I draw inspiration from emerging tech, the natural world, human behaviour, straightforward Dutch design, Japanese design hierarchy & the simplicity & relevance within Scandinavian design.


  • Over the past 5 years I've mentored over 500+ students worldwide remotely through 1- on-1 sessions for 35 weeks each. After graduating they landed jobs at companies like Facebook, Apple & Google.
  • I've established a global client base and partnerships ranging from leading tech companies, global digital agencies, exciting startups and educational institutions.
  • I have been in the industry for a long time. 15+ years now!
  • My career was built on-top of 8 years of formal Design, Art & Tech education .

All that is not
nature is design


As an 80โ€™s kid I spend my days drawing monsters, constructing lego robots playing video games and building treehouses. I have always had a strong drive to create, explore and a big interest in technology.

I never had to think much about what I wanted to do when I grew up. My parents always supported and encouraged me and my sister to explore our creativity which resulted in both of us going through 8 years of design school and art school (Thats right they paid for our art school education, how cool is that!) which has resulted in both of us having worked in the tech & creative industry for over 15+ years now.

Growing up in Rotterdam the Netherlands I have ย been lucky to have had access to world class design, art and tech education in a dynamic city where the motto is โ€˜Niet lullen maar poetsenโ€™ which translates to โ€˜Cut the smack & letโ€™s get shit doneโ€™.

I studied Multimedia design, Fine Arts & Communication Design which has been a great breeding ground to become a UX Design professional and has given me a great foundation in Design, Arts & Technology.

I remember the release of the first iPhone and the rise of smartphones as a turning point where I started to combine my interest to solve real world problems through technology and design.

I started working in the industry back in 2007 and have work in several Tech & Design businesses across Europe, The US & Australia since then. 5 years ago I decided to start working as a contractor to gain more freedom and take control of my own life to have more room to develop my own products.

Since then I have run my business fully remotely for 4 years living and working from, Australia, The US, Canada, South Korea, Berlin, Barcelona, Indonesia, New Zealand, London and more. Working for clients across the globe ranging from big multinationals like Ford, Adobe, Digital agencies, various promising startups and educational organisations.

This has allowed me to build up a solid global network of industry professionals and has given me a broad understanding of the Tech & Design landscape across various continents & cultures.

I now have a homebase on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia where I live with my wife & baby daughter. I continue to work as an Independent UX Designer/Consultant & Educator with businesses worldwide.

l have also founded a venture studio where I currently develop products that focus on Remote work, Culture, Arts & Sustainability.

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When I am not working you will most likely find me traveling the world with my wife & baby girl, sea kayak in New Zealand, riding adventure motorcycles across Indonesia, surfing in Australia, visiting modern art museums in Europe, hiking up a mountain in North America or cowork in Bali.

Feel free to get in touch anytime
if you have any further questions