Having trouble finding a UX job? Join me for an online portfolio review and career coaching session.


Portfolio review &
career coaching call

60 Minutes
Portfolio review
No fuss actionable advice
Expert UX career coaching

What is it?

I have helped over 400 students to land a job in the UX & Product design industry.
The Portfolio review and career coaching sessions are a great way to improve your current portfolio and to increase your chances of landings a job.
We will either go over your current portfolio and I will give you actionable advice on how to improve or I can help you to get started from the start. We will also discuss how to best reach out to companies, overcome the imposter syndrome and negotiate salaries.

Who is it for?

  • Design school students
  • Graphic design graduates wanting to up-skill into UX
  • Bootcamp students
  • Anyone interested in transitioning into becoming a UX/Product designer


  • You would like to improve or build a UX Portfolio that attracts opportunities
  • Leverage your previous work experience to transition into UX
  • I can help to write engaging case studies that will get you hired
  • You need help reaching out to companies and/or prepare for job interviews


A portfolio review and career coaching session is a great cost effective way to get actionable advice to help you transition into UX or land your dream job.

Below an overview of the process:

  1. During the first 15 minutes of the call you will be able to tell me a bit more about yourself and the challenges you are facing.
  2. The next 15 minutes will be focussed on coming up with a solution to help you overcome the challenges you are facing.
  3. The second half of the call will be dedicated to either review your portfolio, do a job coaching session and discuss the next steps.

Turn around time varies depending
on scope & project complexity


Thanks to Mike, my journey into UX/Product Design has been an incredible experience. I'm extremely fortunate to have found a mentor who always encourages me to think outside the box and shares his immense knowledge of this industry. One of his skills that I find amazing is his ability to look at existing design and improve it aesthetically while ensuring that it's easy and makes sense for the user. From meeting various designers, I feel that this is a skill that could be improved by many yet, Mike has already perfected due to his vast experience and keen eye for detail. Mike's found the secret sauce to creating meaningful and beautiful products/experiences. If you're looking for a designer or a mentor, look no further! Mike's definitely your guy.

Sara Papa, UX/UI Designer
Los Angeles, California USA